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"First off, I'd like to thank Loyd Lowry, Chad Hicks, Sean Belanger, Nick Morgan, Ramos, Nick Lemons, Jake from Sundown Audio, and anyone else I guys really made this possible and I'm still amazed we were able to get done what we got done in such a short amount of time. Glad I could be a part of it! Let's get to the results." -JimJ

"This wasn't designed to be a versus comparsion, it was simply designed to test each woofer fairly, and post the results. However, the results are real BS! So take all this for what its worth... and thanks for viewing." -Loyd L.

Frequency Response Testing

one vehicle will be designated for this testing. We'll be using data provided by companies for box designs that allow the woofer to reach its full potential.. we are shooting for a .707 qtc sealed, and we will stay within 15% of that volume needed for each woofer. if no data is provided.. we'll be burning drivers in, and be testing parameters via Woofer Tester, and designing boxes from that data..

Ported box testing will be done with each driver riding in a box tuned to around 30-32hz, with either 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 cuft of volume, depending on what the manufactuer reccomends.. if there is no reccomended design.. we will pick one.

Both sealed and ported testing will be measured at 100% of its RMS rating. We'll be using 0db pure sine waves, 80-20hz, stepping at 5 hz increments

Power levels will be established via rms clamp, and dmm, using a test frequency out of the impedence spike of the boxes... this will assure a level power field for all drivers..

Measurements will be taken on a fully updated termlab USB system. The Sensor will be placed on the headrest, to simulate what a person actually hears in the vehicle. The vehicle will be kept sealed up, to prevent outside interference.

Response and Output Measurements

  • Sealed and Ported Testing
    • 2005 Chevy Aveo hatchback
    • Box loaded on the drivers side; woofer firing up
    • Mic placement was headrest, ear level, with vehicle sealed up
  • SPL Burp Testing
    • Honda CRX
    • Box on the drivers side; woofer firing up
    • Mic placement was dash legal, per dB Drag rules, with vehicle sealed up

SQ Subjective Listening

All testing was conducted in an Ford E-150 full-size cargo van, with power being provided by a PG Tantrum 1200.1. Power was constant from 2 to 4 ohms, so 2 and 4 ohm DVC drivers received the same amount of power. The subwoofer preout voltage was not adjusted during testing to remove that as a variable. Listening material included the following:

  • Harry Gregson-Williams - Chronicles of Narnia OST - The Battle
  • Eva Cassidy - Wayfaring Stranger
  • Deanna Bogart - OK, I'll Play the Blues
  • Dream Theater - Stream of Consciousness
  • The Doors - Back Door Man
  • The Eagles - Hotel California (HFO)
  • IASCA Demo Disc - track 7
  • John Williams - Theme from Superman II
  • Henry Mancini - Theme from the Pink Panther
  • Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms
  • Chris Izaak - Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing

Note: due to time constraints, not all woofers that were tested for SPL were subjectively tested. I tried to get as many that most people would use for SQ or SQ-like applications.


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